What Transporteca does

Transporteca is an online market place, where freight forwarders can publish their services and rates, and where customers can compare and place bookings with the forwarders – free of charge. Transporteca comprises the following elements:

1. A web platform

2. Freight forwarders publishing their services and rates

3. Customers looking for transportation, ready to book and pay online


Bicycles imported with LCL shippingTransporteca is in charge of the first stage. The web portal has two elements – the website you are currently looking at, where you can search for, compare and buy shipping solutions from freight forwarding companies, and a portal where the associated forwarders keep all the services and rates current.

When you book a freight solution on Transporteca, we transfer all the information required to handle your shipment to the freight forwarder along with your payment. After that, the forwarder will handle your shipment and be in touch with you directly for any coordination needed.


Once the shipment has been delivered, we facilitate that you can come back and provide Transporteca with your feedback on the experience, so other customers can benefit from reading what you think about the freight forwarder. 

The Freight Forwarders

The freight forwarders you find on Transporteca all stand out from the industry as they believe that transparency and simplicity is the way forward for a better customer experience. They all commit to delivering their best service to customers booking via Transporteca, and are looking forward to receiving publicly available reviews to confirm their capabilities.


Transporteca aims to have strong representation of forwarders in all the trades available on the portal. Ideally, we would like to have both large and medium sized forwarders, have a good market representation, and actively encourage freight forwarders with strength in popular trades to join the portal.


The associated freight forwarders publish the trades where they have strengths and can offer customers a good service. You are able to get an overview of all the trades currently available on Transporteca from the Starting new trades page.


If the trade you are looking for is not currently available, we encourage you to submit your contact details either via our contact form or via the notification you get when searching for a trade we currently do not offer. Transporteca then informs all associated freight forwarders of the need for this new trade, and then hopefully we can get it online soon. If our current forwarders are not able to offer a trade high in demand, Transporteca will actively find and encourage relevant forwarders with strength in that particular trade to join the portal. If you have submitted your contact details, we will send you a notification as soon as the trade you are looking for becomes available on Transporteca.


Pricing is determined and published by the individual freight forwarders. The price submitted by the forwarder is the price you see and pay, converted into your preferred currency.


The different transportation solutions available on Transporteca

The prices displayed on Transporteca cover the complete transportation, as defined by you in your search for a particular service. There are five physical and two documentation steps in the shipping process (see them under Shipping Process). When defining your needs in the first stage of the booking process, you determine exactly which of those steps are part of the solution you are buying. This could be any solution ranging from port-to-port ocean freight as the minimum up to full door-to-door solutions including customs clearance. Your invoice and booking confirmation will confirm the transportation solution you have booked and paid for (see Documentation to learn more about these documents or read our blog on Demonstration of a Freight Forwarder Portal to see examples). In the above illustration you can see exactly which parts of the five physical steps in the shipping process are covered by your transportation solution. Please see Pricing to read full details of the individual transportation solutions. To learn more about cost components, please see Costs.


When Transporteca displays available options matching your search criteria, the ranking will be based on a combination of lowest price first and shortest distance to and from the freight forwarder’s warehouses. You can adjust your filters to narrow down your search to forwarders with a certain level of rating, pricing level or transit time.




You can pay securely online for your booking on Transporteca with either PayPal or credit card. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Diners and Discover.

Delivery time

The transit time displayed on Transporteca is submitted by the freight forwarder offering the service. It covers the complete end-to-end transit time of the service you have requested. To learn how to calculate less than container load transit times, see How long does it take?

Ratings & Reviews

Books with less than container load shippingWhen searching for services on Transporteca, you are presented with ratings and reviews of the individual freight forwarders. We display average ratings when the forwarder has more than 10 ratings and you are always able to read all reviews by clicking the forwarder’s logo on your search results.


It is only customers who have shipped with the forwarder and booked their service on Transporteca who can submit ratings and reviews. We offer to send you a reminder to share your experience after the shipment has been completed. Moreover, we encourage you to be as fair and constructive as possible to ensure that your feedback adds value to others in their buying decision.

Registered Customers

When registering your shippers and consignees, their details are stored in your profile so you do not need to re-enter them every time you make a booking. This is particularly relevant when you work with the same business partners over time. When you complete your booking details you have an option to add the details of your registered shippers and consignees. By selecting your profile in the top right corner of the screen when you are logged in, you are able to get an overview, edit or remove any registered shippers or consignees.


Another benefit of registering your frequent shippers and consignees is that you are able to share the details with colleagues and thereby ensure consistent information in your bookings and save time. To learn more about who the shippers and consignees are, see Roles in International Trade.


From your account, which you access at the top right corner of the screen when you are logged in, you can establish multi-user access. By inviting a colleague already signed up for Transporteca to share access, you are able to see one another’s bookings and share your registered shippers or consignees.  When sharing access you do not share any saved credit card information.

Where can I learn more?

Transporteca was built with the aim to make shipping with freight forwarders simple. Watch this short video to see how Bob made his first booking.  


We encourage you to simply try it out to learn how it works, and visit this explain section or the FAQ when you have questions. You are also most welcome to ask any questions you might have via our contact form. If you would like to receive frequent updates on new trades available on Transporteca and other relevant news, please sign up to our RSS feed in the top right corner of the screen or add our website to your RSS reader. We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest industry updates that are relevant for freight forwarder shipping, and sign up for our news letters and updates in your account settings.