Jaza Brew

Jakob Svendsen, Owner of JAZA Brew

JAZA Brew is a niche coffee and tea-trading company who specialise in carefully selected blends that originate in the Far East destined mainly for the Danish market.

Jakob Svendsen, owner of JAZA Brew, spends much of his time visiting suppliers and selecting and sourcing the finest blends. When concluding an order with a supplier, the next step is to arrange transportation. For this, Jakob Svendsen was searching for a solution where he could compare and book transportation online, while in the car on his way to the next supplier.


From a taxi in Ho Chi Minh City

When Jakob Svendsen made his first booking, it was on his smartphone in a taxi in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. “I made a search and found a few good options. We needed a full transportation solution from the supplier’s door in Vietnam to our warehouse door in Denmark, including customs clearance. The booking wizard was easy to use and made it easy to search for the exact solution we needed. When having all the transportation options presented, I decided to use a Danish freight forwarder”, Jakob Svendsen explains. “It was getting late and I was in the taxi on the way home. Making the booking directly on my smartphone in a few minutes was really convenient, and it was great that I didn’t need to wait for office opening hours”, he continues.


“I am no longer dependent on a freight forwarder’s opening hours.

 I now do it on my smartphone in-between meetings.” 

Jakob Svendsen, Owner of JAZA Brew 


Users of Transporteca can easily find the exact service they need.  They know the full cost of the transportation at the time of booking and they avoid unexpected charges.


“We paid for the transportation with a credit card at the time of booking. For us, it makes our accounting simple and we avoid needing to account for shipping costs being invoiced later”, Jakob Svendsen tells. “As shipping is a marginal cost anyway, this is actually the best way to handle it. We want to make sure that we don’t get any additional unexpected costs later – which is exactly what Transporteca ensures”, he continues.



“When the coffee and tea is ready to ship, we want the freight forwarder to start working immediately. We don’t have time for lengthy mail exchanges”, says Jakob Svendsen. Transporteca is designed to give freight forwarders all the information they need at the time of booking to start the shipping process. 


The booking portal is developed for access on computers and mobile devices. Being able to find a complete transportation price and complete a booking when between meetings, or simply when you have the time, is part of the success of Transporteca.




Alter London

ALTER LONDON is a recent startup creating bespoke London-made furniture, tailored for clients all over the world.


Sourcing the best raw materials from a large range of countries, manufacturing in their London based factory and shipping the beautiful handcrafted furniture directly to their end-customer within 3-4 weeks requires fast and effective bookings with reliable freight forwarders.


Transportation made simple

Carsten Duvander, Founder & CEO of ALTER London

ALTER LONDON needed a shipment of chairs from Italy to UK.


“As the production deadline was approaching fast, we didn’t have time to find freight forwarders and negotiate with them. We can’t spend too much time on booking transportation, but we want to make sure we have a fair price”, Carsten Duvander, Founder & CEO of ALTER LONDON, explains.


Transporteca is the quick and effective way to find the best transportation solutions in the market.


This can be a major benefit for small businesses, which do not have resources to employ a dedicated logistics team. With a comparison and booking engine, anyone can make a freight forwarder booking in minutes.  



“Being a startup, there are so many things to learn and focus on. For us, booking transportation can therefore not be a distraction. It has to be fast and easy, and that is exactly what we found in Transporteca.”

Carsten Duvander, Founder & CEO of ALTER LONDON



Passion for bespoke furniture“On Transporteca we found a good service, which matched our needs at a price within our budget. After 5 minutes we had placed our booking and received the booking confirmation. Frankly, after that I didn’t spend much time thinking about it”, Carsten continues.


“I was kept informed by the team at Transporteca about the status of our shipment, and a few days before it was scheduled for arrival, they even contacted me and asked if I would be interested in receiving the shipment two days earlier than agreed. That was great, as we could then start production early and have a bit more time before we needed to send the final production to our customer”.



The team behind ALTER LONDON devotes all their energy to their passion of creating beautiful bespoke furniture. They have limited logistics experience and no interest in spending excessive time researching the transportation market and coordinating shipments with freight forwarders.


“When we sit in the showroom with a customer, it is a massive benefit that we can get a transportation price immediately,” Carsten explains. “The reason is that we normally sell our furniture with delivery at our customer’s door”.


“It has to be easy and reliable. The limited time we have, we want to spend on making furniture for our customers. This is where Transporteca comes in as a handy solution for our transportation needs”, Carsten Duvander concludes. 


Visit ALTER LONDON: www.alterlondon.com


ALTER London


MOD - Men Of Distinction

MOD is a recognised Danish online men’s fashion retailer offering men across Scandinavia fantastic designer suits, shirts and accessories at very affordable prices.


Designed in Denmark, manufactured in Asia and sold in Scandinavia requires a strong network of freight forwarders to ensure product availability while keeping inventory low.


The first booking on Transporteca

Robert Esterajher, Co-Founder of MOD

When MOD had a shipment of 350 suits and shirts manufactured in South China, they found Transporteca and searched for a relevant service. At the time, there was no door-to-door services from Guangzhou offered on the website, so they requested to be contacted by the Transporteca team. After a short conversation it was clear what transportation services were needed.


Within 2 days, MOD received an e-mail confirming that services were now available. When searching Transporteca, they found 3 services covering the entire transportation from the door of the manufacturer in China to the door of their showroom in Denmark, including customs clearance. This was exactly what MOD needed, and the prices were even 30% less than the price they had been offered from the forwarder they normally used.


“We ended up using a Hong Kong forwarder at 30% less the cost of our normal forwarder. In addition, the price included the entire service from door-to-door, so there were no additional invoice for destination charges when we had our products delivered”, Robert Esterajher, Co-Founder & CEO of MOD explains.


“Normally we spend 1-2 weeks discussing with our freight forwarder to get the right price and ensuring that it actually match with what we need. With Transporteca, we had an accurate price in 2 days, and therefore placed the booking and had the suits delivered one week earlier than if we had requested a price directly from forwarders”, Robert continues.


“I can definitely recommend using Transporteca. It seems these guys really enjoy working with forwarders and making sure we get the best deals and the best service.” 

Robert Esterajher, Co-Founder of MOD


When they had decided on the freight forwarder and the service, MOD placed the booking online. “Within a day the forwarder contacted us reconfirming the details of the booking. I know the team at Transporteca also kept an eye on the shipment, but I got my updates directly from the forwarder. At the end of the day, it was really easy and I didn’t need to spend any time on this after I had placed the booking”, says Robert.



For earlier shipments, MOD had tried both airfreight and ocean freight. “While airfreight is much faster and very easy to book, it was also much more expensive. We plan our inventories well, so normally, we don’t need our suits that urgently”, Robert explains. “We have examples where we booked ocean freight directly with a forwarder, and every time we have been surprised by extra costs at the time of delivery”, he continues.


The team at Transporteca ensures that what you book is what you need and what you get. They are experienced in freight forwarding, and a neutral party trying to make the experience for both shipper and forwarder best possible. “Our Transporteca contact person gave me good advice during the booking process, so we got a price which included everything from pick-up in China to delivery in Denmark. There were no surprises in the process, and I even had the cargo delivered a few days earlier than what the forwarder promised in the booking”, Robert explains.


Visit MOD: www.modcph.com


MOD uses Transporteca for LCL Shipping