Is Transporteca a forwarder?

No, we are not a forwarder. We are a price and service comparison website for the forwarding industry. We help you find the right forwarder for your shipping needs and get the best price available in the market. We have many freight forwarders on our portal who submit their own prices and services for you to browse and get an instant overview of international cargo shipping rates.

Once you have decided which forwarder and service you would like to use for your shipment, we will make sure that you know exactly what information the forwarder needs to handle your booking, and that it gets transferred securely in a standard format to the forwarder to ensure a fast and effective handling of your shipment. This makes the process easier for both you and the forwarder. If you have any problems with a booking or a shipment you should contact the forwarder directly. Under My Bookings, you can find the contact details of the forwarders you have booked with.

Does Transporteca search all forwarders on the web?

Very few forwarders have services and prices available on the internet. Transporteca works only with the forwarders who have signed up to our services, but  our aim is to have a forwarder base, which represents the market well. The price you see on Transporteca is the price that the forwarders have submitted.

If you find a better rate directly with a forwarder, we would love to hear about it. We are constantly looking for reliable and competitive forwarders to join Transporteca, and if we find forwarders who offer better rates and services than those on our site, we will contact them and try to include them on Transporteca.

What if I have a problem with a forwarder listed on Transporteca?

We have years of experience in dealing with forwarders and always keeps an eye on our customers’ feedback. If we get complaints about a particular forwarder, we look into whether we should continue to list them or not. If necessary, we can remove their services from the site while they sort out the problems at their end. If you have a complaint, you can report it via Contact Us.

Please note that Transporteca cannot enter into any discussion between yourself and a forwarder about a service you have purchased from them.

How frequently are prices and services updated?

The forwarders can update the prices and services when they want. This ensures that Transporteca always offers the most accurate and current market information. Most forwarders update their prices in order to optimise their loads and to follow the container shipping market, where international cargo shipping rates are updated roughly once per month. This constant optimisation reduces the cost to the forwarder, increases the utilisation of containers and is thereby better for the environment as there will be less containers shipped. Fortunately, this is also reflected in lower prices to customers.

Forwarders have a duty to ensure that the information on services is accurate and to update any inaccurate information. If you do discover a discrepancy between what a forwarder lists on our site and what they deliver, please let us know. We wish to list forwarders that deliver on their promises.

What is included in the price displayed?

Forwarders on our site are required to display the full price of their services, including all surcharges, any applicable taxes and fees.

Customs clearance does not include customs duties. Customs duties are dependent on the customs regime, the commodity and your company’s situation, and are to be settled directly by you.

Who writes the reviews of forwarders?

When a customer has submitted a booking with a forwarder they will have the options to rate the experience and make a review for everyone to see. If they forget, we offer to send a reminder e-mail when the shipment has arrived at its destination. The average rating over the last 6 months and all reviews posted in the last 3 months is available by clicking on the freight forwarder’s logo or rating while you are selecting a service.

We do not make any adjustments to ratings or reviews. We do however reserve the right to remove a review if foul language is used.

Which exchange rate is used for calculation of prices?

Forwarders submit their rates in local currencies. Mostly, for international ocean freight it would be in US Dollar or Euro. We then convert the rates to your preferred currency using the same day exchange rate from Google Finance. The exchange rate is updated once per day, at 7am GMT.

How does Transporteca make money?

When you place a booking with a forwarder on our website, the forwarder pays us a small referral fee. There is no cost to you as user. With the money we make from these referral fees we regularly invest in our website to make our service better for you, our customers.

Where can I submit a question

We encourage you to submit questions in our contact form, and we will respond directly to you by email. Simply click Contact at the top of this page.

If we receive the same question frequently, we will update it on this page.