Compare prices and services directly

No more comparisons of apples and oranges.

Prices are all-in and delivery dates are calculated to your address.

They are therefore directly comparable.


Select the booking that best fit your needs

Choose the solution that best fits your needs.


Type in contact details of supplier and receiver

Submit contact details of the supplier and the receiver.


Pay by bank transfer, credit card or paypal

Make a quick and safe payment by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal


The freight forwarder will take and handle your bookingYour job is finished.


Now the following will happen:

– You will immediately receive an acknowledgement of your booking

– You will receive a booking confirmation when the freight forwarder receives your booking

– The freight forwarder contacts your supplier and coordinates the handover of the goods

– Your goods are shipped

– The forwarder contacts you a few days before the goods arrive in order to coordinate delivery

– The goods are delivered at the address specified by you

– We keep an eye on your booking all the way and ensure it is processed correctly.