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Freight Forwarder How To Video

Freight Forwarder How To Video

We have been asked whether we can make an article about how to find freight rates online and make an online booking with our freight forwarder portal.


Instead of writing an elaborate explanation, we have decided to make a recording of how Transporteca works, and how a customer has placed a booking. Watch the video here.


If you cannot see the video, the content is explained below.


Search Transport Prices


In this example, a user has a shipping requirement from China to UK of a 2 cubic metre consignment with garments weighing 560 kilos.


First, the user select that the cargo is coming from China and going to the UK. The online wizard then takes the user through a number of questions to identify their exact shipping needs. In this case, it is a door-to-door shipment from Shenzhen to Manchester.


The next step is to enter the specific locations of pick-up and delivery. This is established based on postcodes.


The user then decides on the timing of the shipment, which can be determined based on when the cargo can be ready in Shenzhen or by when it is needed in Manchester.


Finally the user decides on customs clearance requirements and completes the cargo dimensions and weight.


Transporteca then search the freight forwarder portal and displays all relevant shipping solutions and the online freight rates to the user. The user can then compare and filter the freight forwarder services, and establish exactly which one best meets their needs (see different types of solutions under Pricing).


Once the user has decided on their preferred service, they complete the booking information by submitting the details of the shipper and consignee, and the accurate cargo description (see Cargo Limitations for further details).


The user gets a comprehensive overview of the booking details from the freight forwarder portal, and then makes a secure online payment either by credit card or PayPal.


On the final screen, the user receives a unique booking reference, details of the next step, and has an option to view the invoice and the booking confirmation online. Lastly, the user can send details of the booking directly to the shipper or the consignee.


And that is it. The booking has been completed online on the freight forwarder portal.


Open PDF Booking Confirmation Example from Freight Forwarder Portal

Open PDF Invoice Example from Freight Forwarder Portal